Wurfplanung 2009
Decktag / Copulation 14. - 20. Juni 2009 - Litter expected: 16.-22. August 2009


A'SVEN Bomwollen of Frankonia Power


Snow Action's C'DANA








We are looking forward to this litter. Both dogs are very happy and social Siberians with a nice phenotype and pleasing mentality. Sven's Offspring out of his first litter with our retired Main-Leader Beauty-Jean shows us the same sovereignty and tolerance to humans and also in the pack. Svens offspring is free of eye and hip diseases. All of them are hard workers in the team and can run every position, like Sven himself. Already as a Yearling he was running Mid-Distance successfully (3rd place European Mastership). Sven is a steady part of the team and a essential hoster and educator in our pack.  Because of his distinctive social behaviour he is one of the rare males, who can educate young pups beginning in the early age of 4 weeks. He does this job with patience and consequence - and all the pups imitate his calm behaviour.

Dana is also a friendly and agreeable dog with nice characteristics. She  received the Qualification "Excellent" and 4th place in Dogshow. Dana is running all positions in Team, and is a young Raceleader. She has got a excellent movement, is very fast and a hard worker. In Sweden 2008 she achieved the Vice-Worldmaster-title in Open class Sprint together with her littermates in the team of her breeder.



Sven's Würfe / Litters:


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A'Sven Bomwollen of Frankonia Power

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Snow Action's C'DANA

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