Wurfplanung 2010 / Litter planning 2010




Howling Spirits RANGER


CAMPARI of Frankonia Power








Campari is a daughter of our "Once-in-a-Lifetime"-Leader Rick (Torne Marks N'Akimo), who gave to her a lot of his qualities: social mentality, happy and kind character and of course his smartness. Campari and all her littermates can lead a team. Campari is a steady part of the Team. She is always working hard and she has got no limits. She is social in the pack, is a nice "Puppy-Aunt" and is always striven on giving pleasure to everybody. She has an excellent harmonic structure and a nice gait.

Ranger is a proven Sleddog and Stud dog. You can find a lot of Informations about him and his Offspring on his personally site



Ranger Litters in our Kennel


I-Litter 2007 with A'Remember Ginger of Frankonia Power

K-Litter 2008 with A'Beauty-Jean of Dirty Booties

M-Litter 2009 with Campari of Frankonia Power


Howling Spirits RANGER

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CAMPARI of Frankonia Power

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