Wurfplanung 2010 / Litter planning 2010

copulation 02./03. Februar 2010



Howling Spirits RANGER


FRESH WOLGA of Frankonia Power








Wolga is a daughter of our "Kennel-Queen" and Main-Leader Lukka (Shaktoolik's G'Frottier). She can run all positions in the Team, and has also the Leader-Characteristics like her mother. Wolga is a Command-Leader and her Musher can trust her in every situation. Wolga has a lovely mentality with other dogs and also with people. She is a happy girl with a harmonic structure and a nice head.

Her father is out of Scandinavian Zero-Siberians, Ruby was imported from Norway and Snöexpressens Timon from Sweden. Timon was producer of a number of great Leaddogs.

Her littermate Frozen Lena is "Once-in-a-lifetime" Leader in the Team of Sophie Verla from Hungary, another sister (Flowing Kura) is leading 8-dog-Team in Poland in the Kennel of our friends Agata and Darek.

We already made a litter 2007 with Ranger and a halfsister of Wolga (Ginger). The Offspring out of this litter is very good as Sleddog and all of them have a beautiful phenotype.

Ranger is a proven Sleddog and Stud dog. You can find a lot of Informations about him and his Offspring on his personally site



Ranger Litters in our Kennel


I-Litter 2007 with A'Remember Ginger of Frankonia Power

K-Litter 2008 with A'Beauty-Jean of Dirty Booties

M-Litter 2009 with Campari of Frankonia Power


Howling Spirits RANGER

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FRESH WOLGA of Frankonia Power

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